Sharefolio. Connecting You With Creative People and Businesses Around the World.

The App
The Sharefolio app is a free mobile portfolio sharing application that allows you to search and connect with creative people and businesses from all over the world. It serves as a network and a versatile communication tool for artists, photographers, illustrators or anyone with a portfolio of images that showcases their work. You can search for people/companies whose work you want to see. If the person or business you are searching for isn't listed in the Sharefolio directory, you can invite them to become a member so that you may view their work. Sharefolio allows you to view the most recent portfolios of anyone you add to your Collection. You control whose work you see and when you see it. Easily add and delete artists from your Collection. Anyone who has an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can download the app for free.

The Service
Becoming a member of Sharefolio allows you to create your own Folio that can be searched for and downloaded by anyone that has the Sharefolio app installed on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Membership includes the ability to create up to 20 public galleries with up to 20 images in each gallery, unlimited private client galleries with up to 20 images in each gallery, an about page and a contact page. All this is easily managed and updated from your own admin web page.

You can use Sharefolio as:

  • Your own app that allows you to always have your portfolio with you! The image galleries are optimized for iphone and ipad viewing.
  • A promotional tool that allows you to send image updates to art directors, buyers, clients, potential clients or fans of your work.
  • A presentation tool. Create portfolios to showcase to your client and bring your ipad to meetings.
  • A private gallery that allows your clients to log in and see a portfolio of images that you create for them.

Becoming a Member is easy.

  1. Sign up for the affordable yearly or monthly fee based membership.
  2. Once your membership is activated, start creating galleries and uploading your contact and about information.
Thats it! Click here to become a member today!